Madison Square Garden 1995
       The opening band finished their set and the road crew began to put finishing touches on the stage. Two giant candles were lit on both sides of the stage, red and pale yellow. Incense was burned and strategically placed in front and on the sides. The anticipation grew stronger. We could feel the excitement growing, some people cheered, and like an echo, it traveled from one side of the Garden to the next. The main lights went out and at that split moment, I felt chills going down my spine and a scream of joy escaped my soul. It was almost like a roller coaster ride. I glanced to my left and noticed a little child standing with a tiny guitar. He must not have been more than three years old. It was a sight that will stay in my mind forever. This little angel dressed in white was surely Porl Thompson's child. To my right was a silhouette of a man. He stood there for a few seconds, puffed on his cigarette, took his jacket off and put on his guitar. There was no mistake - this must be one and only Mr. Jimmy Page.

       The stage lights flashed on and at the same time the unmistakable sound of Jimmy's Les Paul rang out. There was not one person sitting down. You could taste the excitement when out of the shadows appeared Robert Plant, in all his glory. His voice in top shape, his moves in perfect rythm, he glided across the stage.

       There is special bond among those two legends. They manage to bring their feelings to the people, and it shows. When Jimmy struck the first chords to Since I've Been Loving you (one of my favorites) it was hard to keep an eye on his fingers they moved so quickly and precise. With Robert's voice the song sounded like the Gods themselves would be jealous... Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, a song that has a personal meaning to me, brough tears to my eyes.
Jimmy Page MSG 1995 Jimmy Page MSG 1995
One of the talents possessed by Jimmy and top Jimmy Page MSG 1995 Jimmy Page MSG 1995
Robert is the emotions they wake up with in our souls.

       The farewell to Porl was touching and interesting, a huge bouquet of flowers presented to him by Jimmy and couple of belly dancers moving to the music of The Egyptian Pharaohs. It was quite a sight. Robert saying farewell to New York and promising to be back after their new album... At the end Jimmy wanted to do one more song and that's just what they did. It was Rock-n-Roll. For one minute I thought this was the end for Madison Square Garden...
Robert Plant MSG 1995 Robert Plant MSG 1995
       There is no easy way to put this extraordinary night into words. This was a night filled with magic. This was my 3rd show of this tour and they always leave me with desire for more. And now all of their fans are waiting with anticipation for the next album and their next tour...
Jimmy Page-Robert Plant and Company 1995
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