Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in New York City
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In the Evening...
      of July 16th, a magical event took place in the Garden. The Mage Jimmy Page and the Sage Robert Plant took the stage with a passion not felt since the days of the Mighty Led Zeppelin. The energy was high and the anticipation was "Most High", due to the "Traveling Led-Heads", who were very kind to keep the rest of us fans informed.
      Finally!!! The "Walking Into Everywhere" tour '98 was here! Our seats were very good, thanks to the Best Buy charity auction and Bruce The Buckeye for the information...
      The decision to bring the camera in was a sensitive one. We didn't know how MSG security would be handling this kind of thing. We risked it, and here are the results! We used a Minolta X-700 camera with a Tokina 70-210mm lens. We shot 800iso Fuji professional film (not too crazy about shooting fast film, because of the grain, but the Power Mac is a wonderful thing when it comes to digital imaging etc.).
      All photos are copyrighted, so if you decide to use any of these images for your own Web Pages please let me know first, unfortunately none of these are for sale.

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