March 3rd, 2005. Information about Robert Plant to play in New York City comes through the wonderful world of Internet, and the race to get tickets begins. I call the Irving Plaza, and get all needed information. Apparently the only place on earth to get tickets was there, cash only and ID. Ok, sounded strange but who am I to argue? For several hours after that I was having arguments with myself, trying to figure out what time I should go there, what's the weather be like, blah, blah, blah.

Ticket buying
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Irving Plaza March 5th, 2005.
6:00 A.M.
My better half makes me coffee. I bundle up (later I found out, not enough), with iPod in hand I was ready to wait until 1:00 P.M. to get my tickets. By the way if you are reading this and you are not from this great city of ours, the most beautiful time of the day is at sun rise. The air was crisp, the streets were very quite and the top of the buildings were glowing gold. I made it to the place in about 15
Irving Plaza
minutes, of course there were people already there. To my happiness just 10 (very nice dude took upon himself to start a name list. That's how I know the number) fans standing at the closed door. The long wait began, but with Robert's various tunes blasting in my ears, it was just fine! Short time later few more guys showed up, and I no longer had that feeling you have when you are the last one on line. These guys were a really fine group of people. We started talking about pretty much everything. I have to really thank you guys for making a long, cold wait fun! It seems like it was getting colder and colder with each passing hour. At around 10:00 A.M. my wonderful guy took time from his busy work load and brought me a welcoming hot cup of coffee (it was the best cup of coffee I ever had). The line was getting even longer. Now people were lining up around the corner.
The excitement grew as the clock tower above our heads near 1:00 P.M. and the sun finally came out to where we were standing. Of course by that time, I no longer felt my legs from the cold and standing all that time (I keep forgetting my age). The doors were open, and slowly we started going in. The set up was like Irving Plaza
nothing I ever experienced in all of my days of going to the shows. Irving Plaza staff, had a table set up in the lobby with three people checking IDs taking the money and writing down the info on the voucher. I got my voucher which felt kind of weird, no sense of accomplishment. I guess, I am old school- after waiting all these hours you want these two pieces of paper with ugly print on them. In any case we were going to be at that show!!!

The day of the show
March 24th, 2005.
Yes! Yes! Like a kid on Christmas morning I was bursting with anticipation. I ran out to get a small bag for the new digital camera we just purchased, and run a couple of errands while listening to Robert's new single "Shine It All Around" and other Strange Sensation tunes. We were ready to go at about 5:30 and 15 minutes later we were once again waiting on line. Familiar faces and some nice people
all around us. It was amazing to see people from all different walks of life and very different ages. At around 7:30 P.M. a lot of NYPD showed up, they walked through and announced not to scalp since there are no available tickets, a-ha! So Irving Plaza figured out how to stiff the scalpers! Brilliant! 8:00 P.M. We are very near the door. Security check, tables set up on your right with alphabet letters. We go up to our letter, present our voucher show the same ID as the day of purchase, and get our tickets! Kudos to the staff, the nicest club people in NYC.Tickets

Opening act
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While on line we worked out a plan of where to go for the best possible view (we knew where we wanted to stand because we had great spot when we saw John Paul Jones there some years back). We got our spot, and began waiting for the place to fill up. It didn't take long. The place got packed and the fist band "The Soundtrack of Our Lives" took the stage. Usually I don't care for the opening act, but this was a pleasant surprise. Their songs were enjoyable, and looked like they were having fun. While they The Soundtrack of Our Lives were on stage I tested our new camera, the lighting was very dark and didn't look promising for the shots to come out. I wasn't too upset about it since I was there to see Robert Plant and Strange Sensation, and have a good time. The crowed was getting larger and now I am beginning to get pushed. Here is the thing, I am short so I try to be at the club as early as possible. If I can't get there early and I can't see, it is my own fault not people who were there waiting for hours to get in. This shit head and his friend were demanding to get into our spots, drunk off theirs arses, they wanted to start a fight. After bitching, some name calling and threats behind our backs, these two idiots decided to go downstairs and I guess bug other people. That gave me a minute to calm down, last thing I wanted was to deal with these two idiots. I really wanted to see the show, and not worry about these two dick heads. I am glad this was over.

The Show

The stage was all set up and incense was lit. Now my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to jump right out of my chest. The lights went dim, the stage was glowing red. From where we were standing we could see the entrance of the band members. Skin was the first one at the door and for a brief second playfully held up the rest of the band, and they were all smiling. He walked on and sat down with his acoustic guitar while letting out a very loud scream (I could clearly hear him, and his mike wasn't on yet), John Baggott took his spot at the keyboards, Billy Fuller center stage with bass, Justin Adams with a drum on a right, next to him stood Clive Deamer also holding a drum. As the African beat began, Robert slowly walked on to stage approaching the mike. 1000+ screaming fans filled this small venue. The words:" Close the door, turn out the light..." rang out. I don't have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe this version of No Quarter.

During his solo career Robert always surrounded himself with talented musicians, but nothing like this band. Everyone appear very comfortable with each other, playing off of each other. Each musician in this particular band posses very different and unique talent, put them together and I guess you get this incredible sound and energy. Justin's dance moves are so good and full of spirit. Skin, is like a mad scientist with his guitars and pedal board. It is almost like the guitar is just another part of his body, he just makes it look so effortless. Robert's voice is astonishing. After all these years seeing him in concert, he still amazes, entertains and surprises me. Even the reworked version of "Heartbreaker" sounds fresh and new.

Prior to the show I heard two new songs, and liked them a lot. Now hearing three more, this new album is promising to be unlike anything we had in a long time.
One song started ballad like, only turn into a roar of sound. It send shivers down my spine and my hair was moving on the back of my neck.

Unfortunately it seemed to me, while the new songs were performed a lot of audiences which for the most part consist of Led Zeppelin community would start to talk. Kind of sad I thought. Some guy kept yelling "Whole Lot Of Love"! but when the band started to play it, well not many people even recognized it at first. It was a great evening of Rock-N-Roll! Thank you Robert and Strange Sensation for coming to our town and giving us a break from this crap which fill our airwaves.

Every time when the show is over, I can't help but feel a little sad. Except this time, there is a great album to look forward to and maybe a tour.

After the show
We walked around the corner, thought maybe we can grab a bite, but we decided to wait back stage with the rest of hopefuls. It was crowded back there, and the buzz kept on going. Every time the door opened people would get up on their tip-toes and their bodies begin to sway. Fans had all sort of stuff to get signed, vinyl, photos, etc. I had a promo card for the upcoming CD. I didn't think Robert would stop and sign autographs, it was just too crowded. Still just in case we stayed. Not sure how long we waited, but all of a sudden there was more club security outside. In split second there he was, moving gracefully and very fast like James Bond or Lestat, wearing black turtle neck. Everyone was screaming, flashes were going off, and security was holding everyone back. My better half took the picture just before Robert jumped into the back seat, and his car sped away. Robert Plant after the show

Autograph from Skin and Clive Everyone left, we were still standing there looking at the image, and I see one of the gentleman (who was on line with me to buy tickets) and his lovely wife, they stopped for a second to chat. I must apologize to them for so rudely interrupting our pleasantries. As we were exchanging greetings, I turned around and I see Skin walking towards the second car which was still there. Well, I call out his name, while he is getting in. He turns around and as I
wave and thank him for the show, I hold out the promo card with a magic marker. Now here what is very impressive, he was already sitting comfortably in the back seat. But he gets up, comes over and gives me his autograph. Wow! What a class act! By this time I am holding the rest of the band back from getting into the car. Billy and John looked kind of uncomfortable, Clive however wasn't scared by this crazy lady and very kindly gave me his autograph as well. I didn't want to bother Justin who was having a talk with the security guy. I already made a fool out of myself, and took up their voluble time. I am sorry for holding you guys up, and I really, really appreciate your time. I was a little embarrassed but smiling all the way home!

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