Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation 2005
Irving Plaza New York City NY March 24th 2005 Borgara Hotel Casino June 19 2005 Atlantic City NJ Beacon Theater June 26 and 27 2005 New York City NY Spacer
...After the rumors of the new Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation album were confirmed, it was decided by us not to miss them live. In March, the band was kind enough to swing by our modest city and give us a taste of what they've been working on, and it was just thrilling. The countdown for the new album "Mighty Rearranger" began! I was hoping to see them at least one more time this tour. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine to be able to attend three more shows and share a bit about it with you. I am not too happy with the pictures I shot but decided to post some of them anyway, just for the memories... Also I don't like to give advice, but here is a suggestion, if you have a chance to see this band in a theater near you, try and go. This band takes a true meaning of Rock-N-Roll to heart, and puts on an incredible show! The best live act around, in my humble opinion.

The new album is now available in store near you or iTunes store. If you would like mor information please point your browser to: Sanctuary Records or the official site for Robert Plant.
Mighty Rearanger Album Cover
One more thing, if I may, here are some links which were brought to concert goers attention by Robert and company. The flyer we received talks about the recent gig the band played in Europe for Nelson Mandela's charity, and what can be done to help people of Sub-Saharan Africa. I found this information very educational. Thought you might too.

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