And I Thank You...
I was never blessed to have seen Led Zeppelin. I grew up in the era, but was to poor to go to any of their concerts. It's to late now. I love their music so very much, I loved it in the 70's and I still love it today. Some people call me a over grown hippy, hey but I know what I like. Sure wish Jimmy Page would play somewhere close to where I live now. It would make me so happy, I always said if I was dying it would be my last wish to have met such a wonderful guy and a Great guitarist. Love him. Oh by the way who wrote the words to this picture? It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!


Ark, U.S.A.

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hi there, i'm one of zep-hard-core-fans here in berlin. greetings to you !!

Thomas Balink

Berlin, Germany

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Never expected for so long to see my idols, since i was 13 years old. I had a chance once, when Plant and Page came to my country, but i was sick .. panic disease i discovered later was all my feelings, the fear i felt for so long. It was 94, 95 .. i'm not sure ! Then, all i had to do was to record them alive at Brazilian MTV transmition. I still can't believe i once had this chance, and let it escape. So i'd like to say to never, for anything or everything in our lives we should leave our dreams behind, let them pass away cause you'll never know if or when they will happen again. I'm happy for my idols and hope to see them in my country again... live ! Always live! Thanks for all the happiness Zep and Page&Plant been given to me and now, 41 years old, to my two boys, Reno Jr(10) and Nickolas (7). God bless you !

Reno Vieira Filho

Web Site

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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I'm only 15 years old and about a year ago i was listin to what i like to call now "CRAP". I always knew about the band Led Zeppelin but i never really listened. Then one day i did and i started to like them i didn't listen to them all the time but i did ever so offten. Then one day my brother came home with "song remains the same" The movie. I watched it and i was totally blown away on how talented the whole band really was now I love them and thats all you will here if your around me. My friends call me a space aged hippie now I have even taken up the drums after watchen John Bonham in aw. Well thats all i have to say and oh yeah LED RULES THE WORLD *PEACE*.


Parksville, Canada

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it's good to see theyre playing together, jimmy and robert. i like the spirits they bring, peace, the thing we badly need here and everywhere. yes they never did have a concert here in southeastern asian country, of which we desperaltely expect,yet we felt the spirit. may peace be the air we breath in soon. forever led zeppelin.


Surakarta, Indonesia

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I waited more than 20 years to see Jimmy Page and Robert Plant together live. It was worth the wait. You see, I was too young to drive when Led Zeppelin roamed the Earth. By the time that I had the money and transportation, the led was out. I saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant together live in Dallas in 1995 and I saw a small vision of what the original must have been like. I was in awe. The first time I saw Robert Plant live was in Oklahoma City in 1988. Both of these great events were shared with my best friend, Lana. My husband, you see, didn't understand. He was a country music fan. I can't wait for another opportunity to see Robert Plant live again. I took pictures at the 1995 concert and sent some to him, but I've yet to receive a reply.

Thanks for this opportunity to share the fact that the two concerts where I saw him live were the best I've ever seen. And, I've seen the Rolling Stones and many other top bands live.

Beverly Moore

Sapulpa OK, U.S.A.

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I absolutly adore jimmy page and robert plant! They are so unbelievably talented, graceful, and brave. They're true icons and they deserve it.I'm only 15 but they're music is so strong that it takes me to the 70's! I just love them!!!


OH, U.S.A.

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this is a wonderful dream which will never be however I share that with hope of one day in another life to see this dream a reality marj.

marjorie stamper

Richmond VA.

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saw the greatest band ever for the first time at knebworth in aug 79 100,000 people at first of two shows never been beaten not even by the spice girls!!! have seen robert many times as a solo artist and jimmy with the Firm. saw the 1995 shows in birmingham, kashmir unbelievable opened with the wanton song. have bootlegs on vinyl live on blueberry hill bonzos birtday party earls cout 1975 volumes 1 and 2

jeremy beasley

stoke on trent, england

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i was 15 years old time 1975 never been to a concert got dropped off at long beach arena to see my favorite band the lights went out and i heard Johns cymbal ta ta ta and rock n roll was on that 15 year old boy will never forget the power the greatest loudest band of all thanks for the web site rock n roll will never die p.j.d phelan ca

Patrick James Dunn

Phelan Ca, U.S.A.

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Hello All, I just took a few moments to read some of the most interesting stories you had of Page & Plant. Well after reading them I thought what the hell I`ll put down a few stories of my own! The first time I saw Led Zeppelin was 1977 at the Oakland Coliseum at one of those infamous Day`s On The Green. I saw both shows Sat./Sun. I was 11 yrs. old and I was with a group of serious partiers. I was smack right down in the middle of the field feeling pretty scared. anyway when the band finally hit the stage all those fears went away and I started rockin out along with everyone else. Alot of crazy things were going on all around me. Lets just say I grew up real fast that day! By the 90`s I had started working as a stagehand since my love is music and the technical aspect of it. When you`re in the buss. long enough you start to earn respect from your employers and along comes great perks of the company. I had the oppertunity to work the show call for The Walking into Everywhere tour. I am a huge fan of Zeppelin Mostly Jimmy. I got to set up the amps, lights, sound, monitor world work side by side with the drum tech. which was cool. I watched Jimmy shuffle across the stage many times blowing kisses to his young daughter and brazilian girlfriend/wife? It was all really cool. Jimmy and Robert came over while the rest of the band were doing their bit, they were sharing a smoke and a beer. I could not been but a foot from the both of them. What a fantastic evening, When I see Jimmy and the Black Crows I hope to actually get the nerve to meet him!

Denise G.

Sanfrancisco California, United States

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Hi all. I had the lucky of saw Led Zep members, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, in Sìo Paulo state. That night I'll never forget, Black Crowes opened the show, was great!! I win the secure staff, puting a photo machine under the hair of my girlfriend(ex, hehe), but the photos don't had a good definition, cause I don't know why. Well, I would like to say a lof of things about the show, but my Englihs don't do... sorry guys.

Carlos Eduardo

Curitiba PR, Brazil

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Not many people know that there very 1st tour at the garden nov. 1968 there were 2 shows that day the afternoon and the evening we had tickets for the day show but not for the nite but were able to hide in msg for nealy 6 hrs without getting caught and when the lights went out we reappeared and saw the 2 show as well all 4 of us were 16 at the time //in 1973 a llitle older to this day i will never forget the shows at the garden the song remains the same concerts to this day always will be the greast rock n roll concerts ever perform at the garden it took my soul out from under me those 3 nites and will never be repeated by anyone


Greensboro NC

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I am ona travel and stay NYC for two nights. This is first experience to spend my time in such exciting city. I will leave from Penn. Station to Kingston RI tomorrow. Above the station is Madison Square Garden where Robert sung and Jimmy played. I feel happy to breath the same air with them in excellent city. I feel not first visit here because I enjoyed your HP and pictures. I would say thank you and I enjoy this city.


Tokyo, Japan

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Wonderful, wonderful site. Great vibe happen'n' from you Rainn Love your photo's I cant get enough of the "boys". Some are calling them old men, but their the sexiest damn old men I've ever seen! I'm surprised I can even put these words to- gether since I seem to lose all grasp of the human languge to this feeling of being awestruck by their magnificent splendor. I am like many who have commented here; all I can do is seem to stand and cry and hope that by keeping Pure my highest thought, it will some day come true. I've had a few chances at meeting them but suddenly became frozen to my seat, the ground, whatever, with shyness. Even found it hard to talk to the opening act who where kind enough to take me backstage and hung out with them. How I made it through the night is unknown to me as of yet, and how I managed to NOT rush the stage door, and Jimmy behind it, is still a greater one and baffle's the hell out of me every single time. I guess I wanted to show them the respect that they deserve. That and I didn't want to break His lovely neck when I jumped on him. I would have had some pretty pissed off people at me. At a show previous to this one of which I speak, he stood in front of me for the whole entire show and actually uttered four words from his beautiful lips I'm not sure what sounds more like an Angel crying, his guitar or his voice. If it's true that all good things come to those who wait (and I have a "feeling" it will) than I'll wait. What the hell, I'm young, even if its in twenty frigg'n' years the old boys will still be rock'n' and a roll'n', boogie woggie'n', working their mojo (what with their prowess) yeah! They will still be sexy in there late seventies and I'll still be a young thirty something women - well early forties anyway. Still fertile!

Jenny French


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I was a little too young to see Led Zeppelin when the band was still together. I have become a big fan of Jimmy Page in the last 7 or 8 years. I was fortunate enough to see them in San Jose in 1995 on the night that the show was taped. None of my friends are really rock and roll enthusiasts, so I had to go alone. I bought a ticket that was okay and headed for the show. At the last minute, I was able to purchase another ticket that was much better (a seat that they had set aside for the stage, no doubt) I ended up giving my first ticket to a hippie-type woman outside the arena because she had a seat with a limited view. I guess the old saying "what goes around, comes around" is true because I ended up meeting one of the members of the band who invited me to see them the next week in Oregon. I got on the tour bus and headed for Portland. Everyone was really kind to me. ( I was a little aprehensive about riding on a bus with a group of strangers, but I could not resist seeing the show again.) The day of the show was not a good one for Jimmy (I found out later) as it was the day that he was arrested for lighting up on an airplane. His assistant told my friend and I that he was not in a good mood, so I pretty much dismissed any hope of meeting him. I was still grateful to be able to see the show with an all access pass. Jimmy was, of course, brilliant. I had always felt that he was a little skiddish around people, I think he is basically a shy person. However, I did get to meet him after the show and he was kind enough to sign a few things for me and give me a few hugs. Imagine, getting hugged by Jimmy?! Not quite what you would expect....Anyway, I love a lot of guitar players, but Jimmy surpasses all of them. He is a innovative player and a true artist.

One final note, I am a painter and I would like to send Jimmy a painting of him that I have done, does anyone know of an address where they accept gifts for him? Any information would be appreciated.

Los Angeles CA, USA

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I'm a 27 year old female that grew up with three older brothers who idolized Led Zep. That's all I can remember hearing. Now I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan. There words & music just makes me cry. I Saw them in 95 at the Meadowlands in NJ. Also their 98 tour I flew to Florida To see them at the beginning of their tour in Tampa with my brother. At the end of their tour that same year I also saw them again at the Meadowlands. What an experience!!!! At every concert I cried the whole 2 hours. What a dream come true for me. I was on cloud nine for weeks after the show. I have Every CD, book, box set, poster, that I could find on them. My husband to be in 10 weeks is a tattoo artist, who is in the process of drawing up a huge portrait of Robert Plant for me to get tattooed on my body.

I can't wait!!! Zeppelin Forever

Anna Torres

Dover NJ, United States

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