And I Thank You...
I ran into Robert Plant at Mt. Rushmore in Nov. 1990. It was during the Manic Nirvana tour. I thought he might visit there but didnt really expect to see him. When I saw him face to face I nearly passed out! He was extremely friendly and put me at ease. Thanks Robert! I got a great picture with him too.

Bruce Neubert

Rapid City SD, USA

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On July 1, 1998 I saw Page & Plant at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. It was the greatest experience of my life. The first song played was "The Wanton Song". On the guitar solo I started crying. That moment was the first and only time I ever cried tears of happiness. You see, Jimmy Page is my idol. All I've ever wanted was to see him in concert, and it finally happened. The whole show was just absolutely fabulous. On "Going to California", there seemed to be this overwhelming Zeppelin aura in the arena. "No Quarter" reminded of the performance from The Song Remains the Same. It rocked. On "Rock N Roll", Jimmy did his trademark air split. I loved every second of the concert and I can't wait until my next chance at actually living out my dream of seeing Jimmy. I wouldn't trade that night for the world! By the way, Jimmy, no one compares to you. No one ever will!

Janelle Christ

Portage PA, USA

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During the summer of 1977, I was working on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, a few blocks away from one of LZ's favorite hang-outs, the Rainbow Club. I ran into those guys everywhere - especially Robert, who liked to fly down The Strip in a flashy red convertible, tossing his leonine mane; the lovely British rock star.
There are so many stories I could tell. Maybe at a later time. I just wanted to say, for now, that I was blessed to be at the Forum on the night Keith Moon joined the band. A very exciting experience. Now as I look back, I would call it poignant.


Columbus OH, USA

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jimmy & robert R gods. so sexy sounds this summers tour,hilite a chance meeting in an elevator in canada, Mr. Plant thank you C U @ zepfest'99. this site is wicked, I'm an artist myself, but U kick butt, congrads to awesomeness. we could just join hands thats all it takes...



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I was in complete bliss when I finally experienced Page and Plant July 1, 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA. I actually cried when they played "Thank You". A concert has never had such an effect on me. Every song they played was perfect music to my ears. "No Quarter" was so mesmerising that when I got home I had to listen again, just to see if I could be taken back to that wonderful night in Pittsburgh. The only complaint I had about the concert was that after the show, I heard people complaining and whining that they didn't play "Stairway". Page and Plant gave us their all that night, and people still bitched. Talk about ungrateful. I listen to Led Zepplen so much that my family is beginning to get sick of them. Well, that will never happen with me. Their music touches my heart and sole like no other. I just wish I would of been able to see them when they were coming out, new to the scene in the 70's. What I would do to be a flower child beside Robert Plant. He's got to be a GOD!!!! Hope to see them again next year..I'll be waiting.
Led Zepplen forever~

Jessica Singleton

Dayton OH, United States of America

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I think Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever.


Acosta PA, USA

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OH MY GOD! My little sister was flying up from Charleston to see Metallica on the 17th, and said that since she was here she might as well go see those "old farts". Well, was she surprised! We had front row behind the stage right in back of Michael Lee. Within 1/2 an hour we were practically naked and dancing like fiends! The music just consumes you! Jimmy came over a couple of times and blew me kisses and did a little eyebrow raising!!!!! (wonder why?) I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Michael also kept turning around and smiling at us. We saw Jimmy's roadie bringing Jimmy some "smoke" as Jimmy turned his back to the audience and came into the darkened part of the stage. Michael gave us his signed drumstick at the end of the concert. Robert glanced up at us as he was leaving behind the stage, maybe in fear? Jimmy looked very shaky as he left the stairs, was he tired? God, could this night be topped? Yes!! We blew off Mettalica and saw P&P at Continental, NJ. Wow, what a night, but that's another story!

Jennifer & Lara Forte

Peekskill NY, USA

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They are eternity only God can take us farther God bless Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham.


Alexandria VA, USA

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Geez, where should i begin? Well, i saw Page/Plant twice on their ''Walking Into Everywhere'' tour at the Fleetcenter in Boston and Great Woods in Mansfield Mass. It was my first time seeing my guitar god, the one, the only, Mr. James Patrick Page. thanks to best buy, i had 4th row seats in front of him at the Fleetcenter. so we walk in during Lili Haydn's set and take our seats. After her set, there was a 5-10 minute wait between the end of her set till the time P/P came on. all of a sudden, as we're sitting there, the entire place darkens. pitch black. can't see the person in front of you, then the mighty Egyptian intro tape starts up. Just through the darkness, I could make out Jimmy climbing the stage with his guitar in hand. after 2 minutes, the tape ends, the drumsticks click and they launch into ''Wanton Song''. sheer pandemonium broke loose for the next 2 hours while P/P kept us enthralled with ''Wanton Song/Bring It On Home/Heartbreaker/Ramble On/Walking Into Clarksdale/No Quarter/Going To California/Tangerine/Gallows Pole/Heart In Your Hand/Shining In the Light/How Many More Times/Most High/Babe Im Gonna Leave You/Whole Lotta Love and for the encores, Black Dog and Rock and Roll. and what happened then, will always stick in my mind. After Black Dog, Jimmy walks to all sides of the stage with his index finger raised mouthing the words ''One More?" with a mile wide grin on his face, he came to my section, raised his finger and said those 2 words to me. i yelled ''YES!!!!!!!!!'', so he smiled and laughed and they launched into Black Dog. the concert was an experience i will never forget.
Keep the music alive


Marstons Mills MA, USA

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I saw the "GREAT ONES" in Boston and Greatwoods. There really are no words that would justify the feeling of seeing and hearing them again. I am praying they come to Hartford, CT.
They are still as great as they ever were!

Tammy Markie

Hartford CT, USA

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