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I am 35 and have forever wanted to see Zepplin on stage, alas, my parents both thought me too young in the 70's so when I heard they were coming to Miami this past spring nothing was going to stop me I dressed up in hip huggers, and an embroidered shirt (borrowed from my 13 yr old) and all 4 of my kids had a great laugh. It was a night I will never ever forget, my only regret was that they did not play "stairway" for me, *sigh* but they oncored with "Thank You" which was almost as good!!! Thank you for letting me share a memorable night in my life!!!


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Ft Laud FL, USA

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Back in '95 I saw the P/P concert twice. The second time we had awsome seats on the side(Robert's) of the stage. My friends and I were dancing and screaming the whole concert and both Robert and Jimmy payed much attention to us. I am known for having a very loud, high-piched scream and during a quiet moment in one of the songs I let loose with one of those screams and Robert turned to smile at me. It was awsome. He waved at us, smiled at us and danced with us the whole night. Jimmy even played to us. They are so awsome. Cindy


Cedar Rapids IA, USA

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Led Zeppelin has and always will be, for me, the best there is, the best there ever has been, and the best there will ever be. Thanks to my brother's love for Zeppelin, I was lucky enough to get the chance to hear them for the first time when I was about Ten years old. Now, I'm 19 and they still take me away to my own little world. Thanks to the great sounds of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the infamous John Bonaham (Bonzo), the way i look at music will never be the same again.
Keep the tunes goin!

Josh Marks

Sylva NC, USA

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Led Zep I + II is the pre-cursor to all the modern jazz movements today, this from two unlikely Brits named Bob and James.
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I was lucky enough to see Led Zeppelin at the Coliseum in Oakland California on 7-23-77. The band came out late but it was worth waiting for...they played a mamoth 3-hour set. Robert Plant was dressed in his light blue t-shirt that said "Nurses do it better" on the front. The band really ROCKED that day. Jimmy Page really blew me away...he is my all time Guitar God! I went to see the Page/Plant concert on 5-20-95 at the Areana in San Jose California. These guys only get better with age...we can only dream of how they could have been if the band was still intact (Bonham will always live in our hearts). Led Zeppelin Rules!

Naomi Meyers

San Jose CA, USA

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My dad took me to see page and plant in n.o. in march '95 and i thought it was the greatest thing on earth. im 13 now and i still love zeppelin and ive heard that page and plant are recording agian but im not positive but anyway my dad saw zeppelin in '77 in baton rouge.

nick a.

New Orleans LA, North America

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When I went to B.C. arena in Vancouver, B.C. to see Pink Floyd, I told myself that this has got to be the best live show ever. I was proved wrong. The very next year I saw the Plant & Page show out at the Gorge in George, WA. These guys did not have a massive stage setup in comparison but they did something much better than any Floyd show can do which is connect with the audience. I actually saw people fall asleep at Pink Floyd. Just the opposite at the Plant & Page show. The atmosphere at the Gorge was breathtaking. The sun was setting just as the band hit the stage. The sky was filled with a beautiful array of colors as the sun dipped into the horizon. I was completely taken away with the scenery, the sound, the whole experience. It will be a show I will never forget. No matter how many lasers fill your stage, nothing can compare to the simple intimate groove a band can share when they connect with an audience.

Brodie Smith

Seattle, WA.

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I, unfortunately, am not old enough to have seen Led Zeppelin preform. Lucky for me though, that Robert & Jimmy got back toghther for an album, and more importantly, a tour. I saw P&P in April of 95 at the Rosemont Horizon (Chicago). I had never actually "felt" music until this point. I am trying to explain the emotions that I felt during this concert, but I really can't. Those of you that have been to one of their concerts know exactly what I'm talking about. I never thought that I would attend a better concert in my life. I was wrong!! The concert later that same year at the United Center (Also Chicago) was one of the most memorable experiences of my life; I would even go so far as to say that those were some of the best hours of my life. Once again I was overcome with emotion, and after the concert was over, the most bizarre thing happened. After all the other concerts that I've been to, when the lights go on there is a mad rush for the door. After this one, however, everyone just sat down in their seats in silence. I myself was so drained emotionally that I didn't want to get up. Thank you Robert & Jimmy, for helping me realize that music isn't just a tune you hear on a radio; if it's done right, it's a whole experience full of joy, sadness, and at times absolute euphoria.

Matthew Moberg

Notre Dame IN, USA

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You guys have a great Led Zeppelin page. Led Zeppelin is by far the greatest band on earth. Please keep up your page and keep proving the essence of Zeppelin

Steve Clark


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As a 15 year old i was lucky enough to see zeppelin live in the newly built kingdome. the excitement was over whelming. i never saw such anticipation for a concert. there was no opening band. when the lights went down for the show to start the loud thundering roar of the crowd coupled with the music left me deaf for 3 days. i say page and plant twice in 95" it was like saying hello and goodbye all at once. It was sad to see Jimmy in such poor health and shape (i saw the tacoma and LA shows). Though very emotional and exciting I was saddened by Jimmy's appearence. He's such a great legend, but seeing him was hard because the years have been hard on him. I only hope he takes good care of himself and returns to America next year in good form. bye for now. Mike W.

Mike Wagner

Seattle WA, USA

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